Speaker Series


07 March 2024

OBR Post‑Budget Briefing

Speaker: Tom Josephs, Office for Budget Responsibility
Speaker: Steve Farrington, Office for Budget Responsibility
Chair: Catherine Connolly, economicsense

06 March 2024

Assessing Cycles and Structural Changes in Markets

Speaker: Peter Oppenheimer, Goldman Sachs
Speaker: Andrew Smithers, Smithers & Co
Chair: Gemma Tett, King's College Cambridge

22 February 2024

Breakfast Meeting: Public Service Productivity and Reform

Speaker: Stephen Aldridge, Dept for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities
Speaker: Gemma Tetlow, Institute for Government
Chair: Amanda Rowlatt, Department for Transport

05 December 2023

Prospects for the Housing Market: a building storm?

Speaker: Rebecca Shafran, BNP Paribas Estate
Speaker: Professor Paul Cheshire, London School of Economics
Chair: Stephen Meredith, Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

13 September 2023

Enlightened economics

Lessons from Adam Smith on the economic challenges facing modern Britain

Speaker: Jesse Norman MP, Minister of State, Decarbonisation & Technology, Department for Transport
Speaker: Lord David Willetts, President, The Resolution Foundation
Chair: Amanda Rowlatt, Chief Analyst, Department for Transport

11 July 2023

Transforming policy analysis through data linking

Speaker: Prabhat Vaze, Belmana Consultancy
Chair: Catherine Connolly, economicsense

22 June 2023

Interview with Jon Danielsson about his book 'The Illusion of Control'

06 June 2023

Estimates of the effects of quantitative easing

Are central bankers parti pris?

Speaker: Professor Martin Weale CBE, King's College London
Chair: Madhur Ja, Standard Chartered Bank

02 May 2023

Interview with David Owen, Saltmarsh Economics

26 April 2023

We Need to Talk About Inflation

Speaker: Stephen D King, Author & Senior Economic Adviser, HSBC
Chair: Amanda Rowlatt, Chief Analyst, Department for Transport