Terms and conditions for entry to the Rybczynski Prize 2023‑4

1. The Rybczynski Prize will be £5,000, awarded to the author whose entry is judged the best by the Council.

2. The judges will be looking for high quality writing on an important real world economic issue which merits wide attention among professional economists. The style of the piece should make it accessible and interesting to an economically literate business audience. Please note that the Judging Panel mark ‘blind’,  ie. all entries are anonymised before sending on to the Judges.

3. The Prize will be decided by the SPE Council with assistance from specialist readers where appropriate. The Council’s decision is final. The Council has the right not to award a prize if it judges that no entry is of adequate standard.

4. The winner of the Rybczynski Prize will be published, or republished with accreditation to the original publisher, on the SPE website. A synopsis maybe published in the SPE Newsletter. The SPE reserves the right to reproduce the short-listed entries at its discretion.

5. The Prize will be awarded at the 2024 SPE Annual Dinner on 11 June. The author(s) of the final shortlisted entries will be invited to the dinner as guests of the SPE.

6. Entries must be in English and in typed or printed form.

7. The preferred length is 3000 words with a maximum length of 4000 words. Charts and tables are welcome but extensive use of algebra or footnotes is discouraged.

8. The work may already be published or be original. Specially written shortened versions of longer works will be considered solely on their own merits.

9. Entries should not have been published before 1 January 2023, i.e. this is a prize for work written and/or published between the start of calendar year 2023 and the closing date of the competition.

10. Only one entry per author is accepted. The winner of last year’s Prize will not be eligible this year (but will be in future years).

11. Joint authorship is accepted and the prize will be divided equally.

12. Entries must be received by the SPE by 1 May 2024 to the email admin@spe.org.uk . The SPE will issue a receipt for each entry. This alone will be taken as proof of entry.

13. All entries must be accompanied by an entry form. Please click on Download below.

14. By completing this entry form the author(s) confirm(s) that the SPE may reproduce (including by electronic means) the article in the event it is shortlisted/is a winning entry.

15. The Council reserves the right to waive any of the above rules if it deems appropriate.

16. The Prize is not open to members of the SPE Council or their close relatives.