Speaker Series


25 November 2019

The Economic Case for Gender Equality: Watch video now!

Speaker: Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Adviser, CEBR

07 October 2019

Careers in Economics

Chair: Catherine Connolly, Director, economicsense
Speaker: Alison Cottrell, CEO, Banking Standards Board
Speaker: Janet Henry, Global Chief Economist, HSBC
Speaker: Osama Rahman, Director of Analysis, Department of Education

03 July 2019

Populism - end or salvation of liberal democracy

Speaker: Martin Wolf CBE, Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times
Speaker: Stephanie Flanders, Head, Bloomberg Economics

29 April 2019

The Regulation of Large Tech Companies in the UK

Speaker: Prof Amelia Fletcher OBE

06 March 2019

Brexit Countdown: Scenarios and Consequences

Chair: Ben Chu, BBC
Speaker: Prof Jagjit Chadha, NIESR
Speaker: Prof Thomas Sampson, LSE
Speaker: Gemma Tetlow, Institute for Government

29 January 2019

Women in Economics

Chair: Catherine Connolly, economicsense
Speaker: Jenny Bates, BEIS
Speaker: Andy Haldane, Bank of England
Speaker: Sarah Smith, Bristol University
Speaker: Gemma Tetlow, Institute for Government

22 January 2019

2019 Outlook for the UK Economy

Speaker: Doug McWilliams, Deputy Chairman, CEBR
Speaker: Andrew Goodwin, Senior UK Economist, Oxford Economics

09 October 2018

Rebuilding Macroeconomics

Chair: Evan Davis, BBC
Speaker: Prof Wendy Carlin, University College London
Speaker: Prof David Vines, Balliol College, Oxford
Speaker: Prof Simon Wren-Lewis, Merton College,Oxford

01 October 2018 12.00pm - 2.00pm

Machine Learning and Economics

Speaker: Adam Giles, Financial Conduct Authority

23 July 2018 6.00pm

The History and Future of QE

Speaker: Dr Ben Broadbent, Deputy Governor, Monetary Policy, Bank of England