Speaker Series


12 January 2016

UK Outlook Panel Debate

Martin Beck, Lead UK Economist, Oxford Economics
Neville Hill, Head of European Economics, Credit Suisse

08 June 2015

Reflections on the FPC: the road ahead

Donald Kohn, Senior Fellow, Economic Studies Program, Brookings Institution

01 June 2015

SBE Debate on Inequality

Professor Ozlem Onaran, University of Greenwich
Max Lawson, Oxfam
Emran Mian, Social Market Foundation

The SBE’s Andrew Milligan (Standard Life Investments) chaired this lively evening session on the issue of inequality.

03 March 2015

Where have the owners of our public companies gone?

Lord Myners

The SBE had the pleasure of hearing from Lord Paul Myners in March on the topic of UK public company ownership.

10 February 2015

The Fiscal Outlook

Paul Johnson, Institute for Fiscal Studies

The SBE had the pleasure of inviting Paul Johnson from the IFS to speak at the February evening meeting on the state of public finances in the UK, as well as a short commentary on measures of inflation.

13 January 2015

Outlook for the UK Economy

Danny Gabay, Co-Director, Fathom Consulting
Samuel Tombs, Senior UK Economist, Capital Economics

At the first evening meeting of the year Capital Economics’ Samuel Tombs went head to head with Fathom’s Danny Gabay to debate the outlook for the UK economy over the coming year, chaired by Kevin Daly from Goldman Sachs.

25 November 2014

Making sense of China

Speaker: George Magnus

Venue : Ashurst

George Magnus spoke on the topic of "Making sense of China" to a full house at November's evening meeting following the AGM. His overarching view was that China had reached "the end of extrapolation" - that the period of benign globalisation had been brought to an end via the catalyst of the global financial crisis.

23 June 2014

The Future of British Cities

and the Role of Urban Policy

Professor Henry G Overman, LSE

Venue : Ashurst

With divergences in the UK's regional property markets having widened sharply during the post-recession recovery, the timing could not be more perfect for Professor Henry G Overman's talk to The Society on the issue of "The Future of British Cities and the Role of Urban Policy".

14 February 2014

Measuring GDP and social progress.

Diane Coyle, Enlightenment Economics

14 January 2014

Prospects for the UK economy

Michael Saunders, Citigroup
Jonathan Portes, NIESR