Rybczynski Prize essays

This prestigious award, established in memory of Tadeusz Rybczynski, a distinguished economist and Chairman of the Society, is awarded for the best piece of writing in business economics in the year.


Posted: 01 January 2014

2013/14 Rybczynski Prize Essay

Just Deserts? Risk, Reward and Incentives in Criminal Justice

Ian Mulheirn, Director of Consulting, Oxford Economics

Posted: 01 January 2013

2012/13 Rybczynski Prize Essay

Navigating the New Era of Public Debt Build‑ups

José Ursúa, Goldman Sachs

Posted: 01 January 2012

2011/12 Rybczynski Prize Essay

Samuel Tombs, Senior UK Economist, Capital Economics

Posted: 01 January 2011

2010/11 Rybczynski Prize Essay

Spare a thought for spare capacity

George Buckley, Chief UK Economist, Deutsche Bank

Posted: 01 January 2010

2009/10 Rybczynski Prize Essay

The unbearable lightness of balance sheets: An analysis for the eurozone corporate sector

Marco Annunziata, UniCredit MB
Loredana Federico, UniCredit MB
Davide Stroppa, UniCredit MB

Posted: 01 January 2009

2008/09 Rybczynski Prize Essay

Japanese lessons for an Anglo Saxon banking crisis

Posted: 01 January 2008

2007/08 Rybczynski Prize Essay

Global Inflation – The Ghost in the Machine?

Marco Annunziata, Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank AG
Tullia Bucco, Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank AG
David Stroppa, Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank AG
Marco Valli, Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank AG

Posted: 01 January 2007

2006/07 Rybczynski Prize Essay

Gender Inequality, Growth & Global Ageing

Kevin Daly, Managing Director, Economics, Goldman Sachs

Posted: 02 January 2006

2005/06 Rybczynski Prize Essay (1)

The ECB’s monetary policy strategy: Trying to go beyond inflation targeting

Dr Thomas Mayer, Deutsche Bank

This year, the Judges awared the Prize to two authors. This is the first of the two Prize winning essays.

Posted: 01 January 2006

2005/06 Rybczynski Prize Essay (2)

From T‑Shirts to T‑Bonds

Pam Woodall, The Economist