21 June 2022

From Goldilocks to Supply Shocks

Joseph Little, HSBC

Investors can have few complaints about the last decade or so. Stock market returns have been double-digits, even after adjusting for inflation (figure 1). That’s way ahead of the ‘lost decade’ of the 2000s, when real returns went negative, and it trumps the typical experience of around 6%. Balanced funds, which mix stocks and bonds, have also delivered for investors. A medium risk, global strategy has delivered over 7% annual real returns for the decade to end-2021. That’s impressive in the context of the sluggish economic recovery after the financial crisis, fiscal austerity, and the global pandemic.

It’s been a Goldilocks phase for investors but, since the start of 2022, markets have gone from ‘hero’ to ‘zero’. Year-to-date investment returns are significantly negative. US treasury bonds have had their worst quarter since the ‘Great Inflation’ of the 1970s and 1980s (figure 2). And post-covid stock market winners, like global tech, have materially underperformed ‘defensive’ sectors, like energy and utilities. If we adjust for inflation, market performance looks even worse.

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